I Want To See You

“I Want To See You” is a 4-player card game that takes a playful look at the relationship between streaming content creators and their audiences.

Players take turns embodying the roles of performing “Streamers” and expectant “Audience.” Each turn, the Audience tells the Streamers they want to see them perform a specific action as indicated on a “I Want To See You” action card, and the Streamers must respond accordingly to get the attention and gain favor from the Audience. The Audience then selects their favorite performance by “Subscribing” to the Streamer, signified by giving them the “I Want To See You” action card.

These activities explore the idea that streaming content creators must compete for the attention of their shared audiences, pandering to their viewers in order to encourage them to engage with and subscribe to their performances.

I was the co-designer for this project. The main goal with this project was to design something that explored the emergent gameplay that occurs when you give players vague instructions that are open to interpretation.

Designed by Jordan Jones-Brewster and Carol Mertz