I/R/L: Just Chatting

I/R/L: Just Chatting is a text based adventure game with a branching narrative, developed as my thesis for my MFA at the NYU Game Center.

I/R/L: Just Chatting started as an exploration of characters that can simulate a live chatroom; one that compliments you, pays you money, and also harassess you when you displease them. What it developed into was a representation of all of the fears and desires that I have around streaming defined in a text adventure, the fun, the financial incentives, but also the toll that constantly 1-upping yourself for money takes on the entertainer. My goal with I/R/L has always been to give players a peek into what my world would be like if I managed to follow my streaming aspirations allowing players to see the highs and low of that life while emulating me in that role.

Developed using Unity and Ink, I was the solo developer for this game. While prioritizing narrative design, learning Ink and integrating it with Unity was a major priority for me with this project as well.